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The making of the Teardrop trailer and winter update from Lauren

Monday, January 6 @ 10:14:19 AM

Happy New Year!

For the past couple of months, I’ve been on the road promoting Teardrop. I have travelled to Miami, New Orleans, Jackson, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas in the U.S.; Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands; Antwerp in Belgium; London, Norwich, Exmouth, and Bluewater in the U.K.; Dublin in Ireland; and Milan, Bologna, and Rimini in Italy. It has been a beautiful voyage!

I have met readers who crossed states and countries to attend my events. I have cherished your letters, your sweets, your hugs–even your tears. I have heard from many more of you through the windy channels of the Internet and have felt cheered and strengthened by your support of Teardrop. I have been asked inspiring questions that I know will improve my writing, like:

Has being a mother made you softer as a writer?

(My instinct was to shout, “YES! Of course!” But then I considered the book I’ve written since Matilda has been born: the sequel to Teardrop is the darkest and most shocking thing I’ve ever written. I realized being a mother has made my writing fiercer.)

Lauren and fans

What was the best day of your life? What was the worst?

(The best was undoubtedly the day Matilda was born. The worst? The very first “worst” day of my life was, in retrospect, far less awful than some future “worst” days–family deaths, heartbreaks, career catastrophes–but I still think of this day as the worst because at the time I was the least prepared to weather it. It was an otherwise mundane seventh-grade lunch hour when the 10 girls I thought were my best friends inexplicably moved lunch tables, leaving me and one other girl to sit alone at the 12-top we’d all shared happily for months. It was the end of my friendship with those girls. On the bright side, after a long and hormonally exacerbated grieving period, I went on to make much nicer friends.)

What do you have in common with Eureka?

(When I was a teenager, I believed there was a Lauren inside of me who was far more fascinating than the Lauren the rest of the world saw, but I didn’t know how to expose that inner self, even to close friends. It took falling in love for the first time for me to be able to really show myself to someone, then to the world. Eureka’s journey is the same. Love will open her.)

If I met you on tour or heard from you via email/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, thank you for the inspiration. I hope you’ve enjoyed Teardrop–thank you so much for reading. More of Eureka’s story is on the way, and I know you’re going to be thrilled by the road she takes in the next book. I’m also very excited to share a new original digital story from the Teardrop world titled Last Day of Love available now. If you’re intrigued by Ander, this story will reveal essential secrets from his past.

As an added thank you for all of your support, I have an exclusive video to share with you. It gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the Teardrop book trailer was made, and shows how the production team created the amazing special effects.

Click below to see the video.

 behind the scenes trailer

Happy holidays and happy reading!



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