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Wednesday, October 22 @ 3:14:32 PM

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Lauren Kate Bookplate

Lauren’s Night With the Fallen Cast

Tuesday, October 21 @ 10:14:06 AM

It was a blustery Saturday night when I arrived at the Trattoria Pomo d’Oro for a dinner with the Fallen cast. The food was heavenly, the drinks were flowing, and I got the inside scoop on the people playing your favorite characters. I learned how the actors got their starts (did you know Addison played Annie on Broadway when she was eight years old?). I learned how they celebrated when they found out they’d been cast in Fallen (Chris got a “wet shave” at a luxurious London barber, which I think is the equivalent of a really fancy manicure). I learned about character choices they made for their roles (Harrison selected each of the intricate tattoos you’ll see on Cam’s body).

And when dinner was done, the night was still young, so I went out on the town with the angels. I was thinking of you all as I danced, barefoot, in that Budapest club. All the Fallenatics all around the world were in my heart. This movie wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for your support and enthusiasm. Everyone making the Fallen film knows this and is grateful for you!

Waterfall by Lauren KateSo thank you again. Check back soon for more movie news, and the story behind my new book, Waterfall, which comes out in the UK on 6th November!

With love,

Lauren Kate Sig

What I’ve been reading: Eternal Night by Carina Adly MacKenzie
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News from the Fallen Movie Set

Monday, May 19 @ 10:08:40 AM

Dear friends,

Returning home from my week on the Fallen movie set feels like waking from a dream. I flew to Budapest prepared to experience something related to, but separate from, the books I wrote. Instead, I found myself drawn more deeply into Luce and Daniel’s world, moved by their love in a new and profound way.

Budapest is beautiful, full of charming, welcoming people. Jason, Matilda, and I visited the famous Gellert Baths, Buda Castle with its sweeping views across the Danube, and the most haunting Holocaust memorial–Shoes on the Danube. We wandered the streets, enjoying the music of the Hungarian language. The food was marvelous, especially the desserts. I was lucky to spend an afternoon with readers at Alexandra, an elegant Hungarian bookstore. A few fervent fans snuck onto the set the next day. The entire trip was a joy and a privilege, and it is my pleasure to share some of it with you.

LK Sword Cross AcademyI got goose bumps as I pulled up to a nineteenth-century castle about an hour outside Budapest, which the brilliant Fallen production designer had magicked into Sword and Cross. It felt removed from the real world, and haunted–if not by the spirits of the dead, then certainly by a dramatic history. At the castle’s entrance sat an expanse of trailers for the cast and crew. I was surprised to find that one of them was for me. Seeing those trailers impressed upon me the scope of this project: two hundred people are working on a movie because I sat down one day at my computer, feeling inspired by a verse from Genesis? The thought filled me with gratitude.

I toured the grounds, thrilled by the details of this carefully crafted world: fog machines draping the woods in mystery, bronze Sword and Cross crests on the gates, student artwork displayed in Miss Sophia’s classroom. A parallel universe had opened up beside the one orbiting the books. Both places are bound together by the story of Luce and Daniel’s love.

I felt a little like Luce on her first day of school when, as a group, the angels approached me outside Sword and Cross. No introductions were needed–I knew at once who was playing who, because they are perfectly cast. I don’t often meet film actors, much less ten of them at once, but I instantly felt at home with these angels and demons. They are a funny, charming, passionate, and massively talented group, both in and out of character. You’re going to fall in love with them.

Want to know what else I did, gossiped about, and discovered while on the Fallen set–including the first scene I saw filmed? Stay tuned for the next installment. . . .

Yours Passionately (and only accidentally Tormentingly),

Lauren Kate Sig

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Valentines wishes from Lauren Kate

Thursday, February 20 @ 12:32:05 PM

Dear Friends,

It’s Valentines Day. . . .

Some of you are reading this showered with rose petals (your boyfriend wants you to put down your phone and taste his gluten-free chocolate cake). Others are reading this after a Screw-Commercialized-Love-Movie-Night at your BFFs. Even if you opted to go Lauren-Kate-in-tenth-grade-style—bedroom door locked, The Verve Pipe on repeat in your earbuds, at the head of a river of blue foil Dove wrappers snagged from your guidance counselor’s candy bowl—chances are you’re at least thinking about love.

Lauren Kate eventA few friends and I recently fell into a conversation about the times we’d really been in love. We went around the room and stated our numbers, which ranged from two to seven. We made fun of each other’s crazy exes. We held moments of silence for a few profound, departed relationships. We recalled romances that had once paraded as love but looked shabby in the focused light of perspective. We doubted each other’s claims (“You broke up with him to have a fling with a Croatian waiter who spoke no English—that was not love!”) At the end, we marveled at our mended hearts and the wounds we thought would hurt forever.

I saw those numbers floating over each of our heads, and I wondered about the people they represented, how many others each of them had loved, how much love all that added up to. Even though most of the relationships my friends and I spoke about that night had long passed their expiration dates, I knew the love that we had all felt was still in the world, and I felt buoyed by it. Past, present, and future love is all around us: a shield against pain, a performance-enhancing drug, a key to a future of more.

heartsI wish you love this season, in whatever form it takes for you. So many crushes you’ve lost count. Belly laughs with old friends. Kissing. Chocolate. Vulnerability. Fleeting moments of true contentment.

My husband and I have a Valentine’s Day tradition of catching a matinee before heading home to roll out some pasta. Chocolate is a completely acceptable appetizer. I like to light a candle and slick on lip gloss. I might tell him about the most romantic book I’ve read recently while he puts on a record. I hope you enjoy sharing in some of my traditions—and that you start or continue some of your own.

With love,



What I’m reading: Winger by Andrew Smith

What I’m watching: Her

What I’m listening to: “Devil or Angel” by Lou Doillon

The making of the Teardrop trailer and winter update from Lauren

Monday, January 6 @ 10:14:19 AM

Happy New Year!

For the past couple of months, I’ve been on the road promoting Teardrop. I have travelled to Miami, New Orleans, Jackson, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas in the U.S.; Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands; Antwerp in Belgium; London, Norwich, Exmouth, and Bluewater in the U.K.; Dublin in Ireland; and Milan, Bologna, and Rimini in Italy. It has been a beautiful voyage!

I have met readers who crossed states and countries to attend my events. I have cherished your letters, your sweets, your hugs–even your tears. I have heard from many more of you through the windy channels of the Internet and have felt cheered and strengthened by your support of Teardrop. I have been asked inspiring questions that I know will improve my writing, like:

Has being a mother made you softer as a writer?

(My instinct was to shout, “YES! Of course!” But then I considered the book I’ve written since Matilda has been born: the sequel to Teardrop is the darkest and most shocking thing I’ve ever written. I realized being a mother has made my writing fiercer.)

Lauren and fans

What was the best day of your life? What was the worst?

(The best was undoubtedly the day Matilda was born. The worst? The very first “worst” day of my life was, in retrospect, far less awful than some future “worst” days–family deaths, heartbreaks, career catastrophes–but I still think of this day as the worst because at the time I was the least prepared to weather it. It was an otherwise mundane seventh-grade lunch hour when the 10 girls I thought were my best friends inexplicably moved lunch tables, leaving me and one other girl to sit alone at the 12-top we’d all shared happily for months. It was the end of my friendship with those girls. On the bright side, after a long and hormonally exacerbated grieving period, I went on to make much nicer friends.)

What do you have in common with Eureka?

(When I was a teenager, I believed there was a Lauren inside of me who was far more fascinating than the Lauren the rest of the world saw, but I didn’t know how to expose that inner self, even to close friends. It took falling in love for the first time for me to be able to really show myself to someone, then to the world. Eureka’s journey is the same. Love will open her.)

If I met you on tour or heard from you via email/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, thank you for the inspiration. I hope you’ve enjoyed Teardrop–thank you so much for reading. More of Eureka’s story is on the way, and I know you’re going to be thrilled by the road she takes in the next book. I’m also very excited to share a new original digital story from the Teardrop world titled Last Day of Love available now. If you’re intrigued by Ander, this story will reveal essential secrets from his past.

As an added thank you for all of your support, I have an exclusive video to share with you. It gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the Teardrop book trailer was made, and shows how the production team created the amazing special effects.

Click below to see the video.

 behind the scenes trailer

Happy holidays and happy reading!



What I’ve been reading: The Red House by Mark Haddon
What I’ve been listening to: “Royals” by Lorde
What I’ve been watching: The Mindy Project

Lauren’s UK & Ireland tour

Tuesday, October 29 @ 11:07:00 AM

Lauren Kate is coming to the UK and Ireland and YOU could meet her and get your books signed!

Tuesday 12th November at 6.30pm
Panel event with Tanya Byrne: US vs UK: Is any subject taboo in YA?
Ticket info: http://bit.ly/Lch0iu

Thursday 14th November at 6.00pm
Info: http://bit.ly/HsH47r

Greenhithe, Kent
Saturday 16th November at 1.00 pm
Info: http://bit.ly/Lch0iu

Autumn Update from Lauren

Wednesday, October 23 @ 3:52:03 PM

Happy Teardrop Eve!

As I write this, I am filled with tingly, nervous anticipation. What am I going to wear to the book launch? What excerpt will I read aloud at the signing? Will readers fall for Eureka’s love story the way I did? These are questions I’ll be up all night wondering. It’s like Christmas Eve meets the night before the first day of school. You know what I mean.

I hope where you are things are calmer. Maybe autumn leaves are turning lovely shades of gold and the air smells like freshly sharpened pencils and that new perfume you’ve started spritzing to announce the kind of person you’re going to be this year (mine is Versace Bright Crystal—fresh, surprising, unforgettable).

To prepare for Teardrop’s release, last month I spent a few days at the Random House US warehouse in a lovely little town in Maryland signing 7,248 (for real!) special first edition copies of Teardrop.

LK signing

I loved jamming to classic rock with my new friends at the warehouse and binging on Maryland crab cakes, but the most exciting part of my trip was getting to see a hard copy of Teardrop. It’s a magical moment, the first time you hold your book (or, in my case, cradle and caress, and yeah, I think I even kissed and shed a joyful tear on the cover . . . it’s sooo pretty). Being able to physically touch Eureka’s story made everything I imagined feel real.

Speaking of reality . . . the Fallen film is happening! Over the past few weeks I have announced the actors who will bring Lucinda, Daniel, and Cam to life. In the next few weeks, I’ll announce Penn and a chorus of your favorite angels and demons. The filming will begin this winter and the movie will be headed your way within the year. As subscribers to this newsletter, you’ll get first access to news about the film straight from the source. I’m excited to share the latest with you again soon.

In other fun media news, my Instagram and Vine addiction is now full blown! Check out my first videos from my whirlwind warehouse visit, and be sure to follow my upcoming adventures on the road promoting Teardrop.
I hope you will love embarking on this new adventure with me!


What I’ve been reading: NW by Zadie Smith
What I’ve been watching: Ricky Gervais in Derek
What I’ve been listening to: “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey

P.S. The last time I wrote to you, I said I hoped the next time I wrote, I would have finished the first draft of Teardrop 2. Guess what? I did!
P.P.S. If you love Fallen, you may call yourself a Fallenatic. I was asked the other day by a group of Fallenatics this important question: What will Teardrop lovers call themselves? If you have a great idea, let me know!


Fallen Review Comp winners!

Wednesday, October 16 @ 3:52:35 PM

Thank you to everyone who entered our Fallen review competition. We had a lot of fun reading your reviews and loved seeing how much you love Fallen.

It was really hard to choose just three winners but the lucky recipients of our three Teardrop advance copies are… *drumroll* … Saketha, Misti and Kerri! Congratulations! We hope you fall in love with Teardrop just as deeply as you did Fallen!

If you missed out this time around don’t forget to enter our new twitter competition…

When did you last cry?

Tuesday, October 15 @ 9:19:24 AM

Watch this for your chance to win Teardrop goodies:

Teardrop necklace

Tweet about the last thing that made you cry by using #Teardrop for your chance to win a personalised signed copy of Teardrop, and a beautiful teardrop necklace!

Closing date: 10th November 2013

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Win A Kindle Fire With Teardrop

Tuesday, October 15 @ 8:51:00 AM


Fancy reading the next bestseller on a Kindle Fire? Then all you need to do is watch the Teardrop trailer and answer one simple question to be in with a chance to win:




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Fallen Movie News: Cam Officially Cast

Thursday, October 10 @ 11:32:06 AM

We are super happy to announce that Harrison Gilbertson has been cast as Cam!

Harrison is a twenty year old, up and coming Australian actor and i think it’s safe to say that he will make an awesome bad boy for the film! We cannot wait to see him in action alongside Addison Timlin as Luce, and the lovely Jeremy as Daniel.

Win an early proof copy of Teardrop

Monday, September 23 @ 10:07:16 AM

You could win a proof copy of Teardrop to read before it is even published!

All you need to do is submit a review of Lauren’s bestselling book Fallen for the chance to win!

The three best reviewers will be sent a gorgeously shiny early reading copy of Lauren Kate’s epic new novel, Teardrop, before it publishes on 24th October!

Visit the Fallen page now to post your review.

Terms & Conditions apply

Summer Updates from Lauren

Friday, August 23 @ 2:38:02 PM

Happy summer and welcome to the first of many monthly letters from me! I hope this one finds you poolside, sipping a neon pink smoothie through an umbrella straw while watching opalescent dolphins summersault into a blue horizon. Say what? You’re stuck in summer school/a windowless office job/a landlocked suburb where NOTHING EXCITING EVER HAPPENS???

We’ve all been there, right? Luckily a great book can take you away from all that . . . sort of. At the moment I’m so into the plights of my novel’s heroine that sometimes I fail to realize the sun is shining gorgeously and I should come up for some fresh air and maybe a pool party or three.

Do you ever get so absorbed in something you’re creating that it feels as if your creation becomes your reality? It’s kind of like falling in love. That all-encompassing, can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, can’t-do-anything-but-inhabit-this-thing-that-has-taken-hold-of-me feeling.

I often find that because my characters inhabit a reality that couldn’t be more different from my own, I struggle to dip in and out of their worlds. So instead, I plunge deep down to the emotional place where I think they are-and try to stay there (as authentically as possible) for the entire time I’m writing that draft. When Luce was down in the dumps at Sword and Cross, I pitched myself down there with her. When my new novel Teardrop begins, Eureka is numb with grief and loss, so I had to try that numbness on like a skintight bodysuit. It’s good for my writing; it makes me a rather strange guest at a party.

I’m about two-thirds of the way through the draft of the second book in the Teardrop series, and the beast is beginning to hang together. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking to realize I can see the end of the novel. I sense myself sprinting and have to remember to slow down. I’ll get there. I always do. And when I do, I love to give it to you.

On that note, I return to Eureka’s rainswept netherverse. I hope the sun is shining where you are. The next time I write, I might even have this draft complete. Then we can all lounge poolside together. Wish me luck!

What I’ve been reading: Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor
What I’ve been watching: The Great Gatsby
What I’ve been listening to: “Hold On” by the Alabama Shakes


The Origins of Teardrop

Friday, August 23 @ 2:36:12 PM

We asked Lauren to tell us a little bit about where her inspiration for Teardrop came from. Watch now and find out what she said.

Meet Lauren Kate!

Friday, August 23 @ 2:22:02 PM

Lauren is coming to the UK in November! She will be doing various events where you’ll have the chance to meet her and get your books signed.

Confirmed dates:
Greenhithe, Kent
Saturday, 16th November at 1pm

Tuesday, 12th November,at 6:30PM

For more information about these dates head to the Waterstones website.

Fallen Film Casting News!

Tuesday, August 20 @ 10:57:58 AM

addison-timlinDanielYou may have heard the incredibly exciting news that Fallen is being made into a film!! Casting for the roles of Luce, Daniel and Cam started in July, and now with filming scheduled to start in September, we can reveal that Luce will be played by Addison Timlin, and the lovely Jeremy Irvine has been cast in the role of Daniel!

quesion_markBut who will be playing Cam?!!

Watch this space for more updates coming soon!