Instant. Intense. Weirdly familiar . . .

The moment Luce looks at Daniel she knows she has never felt like this before. Except she can’t shake the feeling that she has . . . and with him – a boy she doesn’t remember ever setting eyes on.

Will her attempt to find out why enlighten her – or destroy her?

Dangerously exciting and darkly romantic. Fallen is a thrilling story about forbidden love.


Reviews for “Fallen”

  • Andressa dlç -'- says:


  • karem julia says:

    Desde que comecei a ler os livros não parei mais só queria que chegasse logo o outro pra compra e ler, me apaixonei por cada personagem, caídos são meus livros favoritos de todos que tenho e queria que tivesse mais livros contando mais historias sobre aventura, amor infinito. A autora agora é minha favorita gostei muito dos livros.

  • Ally says:

    I was literally addicted to this book. If I have school the next day, & have to go to sleep, I sneak a flashlight & Fallen, & read it.
    Very Very Very good book. Very addicting to read also. Ever since I read Fallen, Lauren Kate has became my favorite all time author now. Fallen Angels are my new favorite topic of books I like to read now. Very Awesome Book! 🙂

  • Rukhsar says:

    I love the fallen series. I am obsessed with these books. I bought Fallen, Torment, and Passion one after the other. I fell in love with the whole story line and the way the characters interacted with each other within the story. Daniel made me obssess over having a angel who cared about me but then reading about Cam made me get excited at knowing a dark angel. I felt myself in Luce’s place and often had amazing dreams that broke the scale of fantasies. <3<3

  • Chloe says:

    Well I picked up fallen thinking that I wouldn’t really like it as its about “Angels” because I like vampire books.but i got this book because all my friends have read it and recommended it to me so I guessed why not. Then I got stuck to the book from the first sentence. And I read it in 2 days and I loved it and the next day I got the 2nd book. So I really enjoyed the book but the bad thing about it is it was kinda slow at the start to get into but I really Didn’t mind because it was so great it was a really romantic story with a twist to it. I would rate the book 10/10 because I really enjoyed it Lauren Kate is a great author and I love all her books which includes the fallen series and teardrop which I just brought today in hardback edition so is am excited to read that!! The thing I also love about this book is the front cover its just beautiful and looks eerie and cool also all the other books on the series is beautiful. But TNT favourite cover is teardrop because its just fabulous and gorgeous but to be honest all of Lauren Kate’s book covers are gorgeous. I’m not going to give anything away about the book because I don’t want to spoil it for you but I really really really recommend this book if you haven’t already read it – Chloe 🙂

  • melissa says:

    Hi im mel im dislexic and find it hard to read i picked up fallen thinking i and could never put it down it took me only 3days to read because i couldnt sleep untill i knew what happend next iv not since been able to read a book so fast i loved the series and cant wait to read tear trop coz i hope i cant but it down thanks to these books it made me confadent about my reading and its really come along 🙂 thanks to laurn kate i hope i can get a sighned copy

  • Misti Raye says:

    Fallen is a novel that allows you to escape a tortured relationship. It helped to remind me of what love is, the way Luce and Daniel are meant to be together even in the worst of times. I have spent many hours/money reading all kinds of novels but none captured me like Fallen did. Lauren Kate wrote it perfectly when she said “What if the person you were meant to be with could never be your?”, to be able to feel what the characters feel really helps you connect with the novel. I have “lost” many copies of Fallen telling my friends about the book and them never giving it back because they to have become captured by the love. You can’t read it without falling completely in love with it. Not knowing if Luce will continue to love Daniel forever or be trapped by bad boy Cam. I was unable to put it down until I finished the whole novel, then started it again the next day. Waiting for the next to come out was hard but once again Lauren Kate fully delivered with Torment(which I had to get tattooed on me). Fallen is more than a must read, its a must read over and over again. You will laugh, cry, and smile until everyone in the room is asking what is so good about it.

  • Una says:

    I am one hundred percent obsessed with Fallen. Need I say more? I read this series about two years ago originally, and I have re-read the series at least 10 times. It is a great series, it captures the readers’ attention and you fall in love with every character. Lauren Kate gives each character a strong personality, and you love them all! I cannot wait for Teardrop, but will it be as good as Fallen? We’ll just have to see…

  • charlotte edwards says:

    I started this book thinking oh it is like twilight but i was very wrong i love the luce and daniel , and got really upset when penn died . I suffer from Dyslexia so find it very hard to read books but from the moment i started to read Fallen i could not put it down i went out and bought all of the rest of the Fallen series and THE BETRAYAL OF NATALIE HARGROVE.I have now started to read torment and can not put it down i have and will recommend this book to everyone I look forward to lauren’s new book A+ Book

  • Taylor Blum says:

    The plot is really good . How Luce fight her feelings for Daniel and Cam. And then you have Molly which play one for the bad characters at the beginning . Then you have Cam at the bar fighting three guys when Daniel rescue Luce. The it house down hill from that then it End

  • Saketha says:

    Thrilling, captivating and mysterious. The story is devious and the twists and turns within it are manipulated in an amazing way. A forbidden love that brings chills to us.Love at first sight is taken to a whole new level in this book, have you ever felt like you know this person and you have spent so much time with them, and you encounter many events to find out your gut instincts don’t lie, what happens through this is an adventure not to be missed. A mixture of love, action and mystery, what can be more dark and romantic.

  • Aline says:

    once upon a time one girl, called Luce Price, that was always scared by the black shadows that follow her, she didn’t know what to do, so she decide live your life pretending that shadows wasn’t there.
    then one day she was in a date with a boy called Trevor, it would be the best day of her life, but wasn’t like she thought. after a myterious happening, she was taking by her parents to a very sad school called Sword & Cross. There she met strange teenagers, first she meet a pretty badboy with eyes so green like the most pure emerald.
    The life in Sword &Cross is very complicated, but there she found a boy, who was so pretty and so mysterious at the same time, she didn’t know what to do, but she had to know him, and that exacly what she did, but he’s was also cold with her, and he was always pushing Luce out, but she never give up, because that who she is, and she never going to change, so her met him, he’s name is Daniel, and after some time he finale said to her the reason that be so rude with her.
    Was a long story, she stay very confuse and scared, but she undestood the mean of her life just a little but is a long road to walk until the end.

  • Kriti says:

    Luce and Daniel’s story is captivating from the very first look. From the very first 8 pages, Lauren Kate sets the tone of the book which intrigues the reader.It keeps you on edge, and turning the page, so as to find out what it is about this mysterious boy that is drawing Luce to him, almost like moths to a flame. We take the ride with Luce, as she battles between her feelings for Daniel and Cam, and as she finds out what makes her so much more different than other people. Fallen fascinates the reader and leaves them eager to read until the very last page… and even after that. Luce and Daniel’s is a story which is branded into the mind of the reader, ages after the last sentence is read and the book put down.

  • laura says:

    i loved this book. it is definitely one of my favourites. this is the book that got me interested in young adult books, so lauren kate is definitely one of my favourite authors. this book had me hooked from the beginning and was so surpriseing and interesting in all the write places. I had a great time reading this book. the characters are really fun to read and made you want more. cam and roland were probably my favourite characters. I loved this book.

  • Raine Robinson says:

    The book series is very captivating and brings a whole new meaning meaning to biblical stories.
    You cannot help but love the characters and be enticed to read on its a mesmerizing series and always has been from the first book making you want to keep on reading even now if there were more books to the series I would read on its a fantastic read.

  • Harriet says:

    First read fallen when I lived in Spain and was amazed to find an English bookstore! It transformed reading for me!! I love books and have more than my house can handle! But the fallen series are something different, they are modern, yet romantic and you feel as though you can relate to all characters!
    Whether its Daniel and his protective ways or Cam with his rough yet charming demeanour for a bad boy lover 😉
    A doomed romance that goes beyond anything, last for centuries, survives wars, angers the higher powers, even infuriates satan. This series has everything you need from a book! I love the constant action, and the way you were left pinning for the next one, where you had unanswered questions about Luce and her destiny. Whether she would end up with Daniel over centuries of pain.
    For me there has never been a book like the fallen series, and I don’t think many will even come close.
    Throughout there was laughter at the characters you feel you have come to known as friends, tears for the ones that got lost along the way, understanding of the evil or the tormented and a completion of love triumphs over all at the end.

  • patsy ashfield says:

    The fallen series are full of emotions, and a story in which you just do not put the book down.

    I came across the book in an airport, reading the desciption thinking, “Yes, another love story I can sink my mind into.” But it is not just a love story, it is so much more complex than that, with diffent times and places giving your mind new places to see and absorb.

    I was left biting my nails down at the end of most of the books, desprate for the next ones to come out and let me know the characters would be okay.

    You get to love each and every character, including the “evil” in the story.

    The writing and description of everything would put you in such bad realities, writen to perfection in the way I could actally imagine the smells, sounds and textures of everything poor Luce had to endure.

    I was sad to finish the series as I knew that’s the end of the stories of those individual characters, but I can always read about their witty remarks to one another over and over again happily.

    It is important as a writer to make a connection with both the reader and the characters and I feel Lauren Kate does it perfectly. 10/10 for the story, characters and the fantastic writing.

  • DeCora says:

    The Fallen series are truly amazing!! Once I started reading these books I couldn’t put them down! It’s like I was in the book and experiencing the things with each and every character. You will be hooked that I can promise. I highly recommend the Fallen series!! You will NOT be sorry!

  • kerri says:

    Fallen in love with the whole series!! this story is still one of my favourites in my entire book collection.
    every character is described to detail so i could picture them all vividly, and not only that but they are all so likable, even the baddies!
    this book kept me gripped from the start, and did so with many of my friends after recommending it.
    if anyone’s reading this and wondering whether this book is for them then i say yes. If you like a romance, with a few sexy angels thrown in and adventure along the way, GET IT NOW! You will love it

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